Ayn Rand wrote (in The “Inexplicable Personal Alchemy” in The Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution):

Where are America’s young fighters for ideas, the rebels against conformity to the gutter—the young men of “inexplicable personal alchemy,” the independent minds dedicated to the supremacy of truth?

With very rare exceptions, they are perishing in silence, unknown and unnoticed. Consciously or subconsciously, philosophically and psychologically, it is against them that the cult of irrationality—i.e., our entire academic and cultural Establishment—is directed.

They perish gradually, giving up, extinguishing their minds before they have a chance to grasp the nature of the evil they are facing. In lonely agony, they go from confident eagerness to bewilderment to indignation to resignation—to obscurity. And while their elders putter about, conserving redwood forests and building sanctuaries for mallard ducks, nobody notices those youths as they drop out of sight one by one, like sparks vanishing in limitless black space; nobody builds sanctuaries for the best of the human species.

I do build sanctuaries for the best of the human species. I try to find and help these people. Besides my websites, writing, videos and podcasts, I run online discussion forums. People need the opportunity to ask questions and talk with rational people. They need somewhere to learn and seek the truth. They need critical discussion which isn't focused on social status dynamics. If that interests you, participate at a discussion forum. If looking bad worries you, use a fake name.

Start at the Curiosity discussion forum website. It's easy to use: type in the box at the bottom and hit Post Comment. I'm big on free speech and open discussion, so say whatever you want.

The Fallible Ideas Discussion Group is an email-based discussion community that started in 1994. David Deutsch was the prior community leader and it's still the place to discuss his ideas (The Fabric of Reality, The Beginning of Infinity, Taking Children Seriously and Autonomy Respecting Relationships). Other common topics include Critical Rationalism, Objectivism, Austrian economics, science and politics. Sign up at the website or send a blank email to fallible-ideas+subscribe@googlegroups.com and then reply to the confirmation email.

The email group is harder to get started using. It has guidelines to format and structure the discussions. Anyone can read the group, but in order to send posts you have to follow the guideliens including writing self-contained plain-text posts which quote the text you're discussing and respond below. The group is unmoderated, so you have to take responsibility for making your posts correct.

There's also a Fallible Ideas chatroom on Discord.